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How TVtoMobi Works
1. Download the free TVtoMobi app for iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and tablets:
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2. Follow your favorite TV shows.
Follow your favorite TV shows with TVtoMobi
3. Get notifications when your favorite TV shows air live (support for recorded shows coming soon!) so you can still check email, read articles, play games and use other apps.
iPad with TVtoMobi notification
The Magic of TVtoMobi
TVtoMobi notification examples

TVtoMobi filters through all the social noise online to find the most entertaining comments, trends, news, gossip and information on your favorite TV shows. TVtoMobi also lets you tweet or Facebook share spoiler-free, and view your favorite TV show's trends on your own time through notifications. For example TVtoMobi sends:

  • Score and play-by-play updates for the latest NCAA college football, NFL, MLB, NHL, and NBA games.
  • The latest on what everyone is talking about for The Voice, Sleepy Hollow, Ke$ha, Teen Wolf, Vampire Diaries, Walking Dead and more.
  • Popular quotes from Sheldon on Big Bang Theory and other comedy series.
  • The recipe used on your favorite cooking shows.
  • Background information on the Tagaryens in Game of Thrones and other drama TV series.
  • Juicy gossip on The Voice contestants and other reality show stars.

Continue writing your email, playing a game, or checking in on social networks as TVtoMobi’s push notifications lets you view extra information on your favorite TV show without being interrupted or forced to keep an app open for a whole TV show.

For West Coast and Mountain Time users, TVtoMobi has spoiler-free trends. Tweet or Facebook share with your friends and followers without spoilers!

Example Notifications
Live Score: Miami 71 NY 68. Carmelo Anthony makes 1-foot dunk
Everyday Italian
Cinnamon honey pancakes with fruit and ice cream recipe
The Voice
Jessica Childress and Vedo sing Bruno Mars "Locked Out of Heaven"
Game of Thrones
I don't know what just happened in Game of Thrones. I'm in shock #RedWedding
Big Bang Theory
"I'm not crazy, my mother had me tested."
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